Core Business

Custom manufacture/Tech transfer

APAC Pharmaceutical provides custom manufacture from milligram to kilogram quantities in USA lab or China facility with chemistry expertise including carbohydrate, synthetic peptide, nucleoside chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry and chiral chemistry. APAC research center in USA also serves our tech transfer springboard for any projects to be manufactured in our China facilities.

Process Research

With experienced process chemists and engineering support. APAC Pharmaceutical has core competencies in process development and scale up new projects, particularly including carbohydrate, chiral chemistry, heterocyclic , synthetic peptide and nucleoside molecules

Specialty chemicals

APAC Pharmaceutical has growth in the way to provides specialty products Custom manufacture for paper, electrical and other industries.

GMP manufacture

With extensive experience in the products regulation from the collaboration with many clients, work with US FDA and  Europe regulatory agency as well as successful inspections track record, APAC Pharmaceutical offers the best solution from China to provide you with cGMP manufacture